To respect the cold chain from the point of sale to the home, VALEMBAL has been developing, for more than 44 years, know-how in insulated packaging solutions today recognized by the pharmaceutical, medical, GMS and of the agri-food industry.

Secure supplies and optimized, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes allow us to guarantee consistency and reliability of the products we market.

The majority of our insulated bags and pouches are 100% recyclable.

100% French manufacturing in our Loirétain workshops, we design tailor-made products, high-performance closing/opening systems allowing optimal airtightness of our products and the guarantee of true thermal stability.


An essential presentation support for your brand or your fresh and frozen products, the insulated bag adapts to your requirements: dimensions, volume, printing… From standard bags to personalized bags, for each project we are here to listen to you and provide you with our advice by offering you practical, rewarding and safe insulated solutions.

Recognized for its inventiveness, VALEMBAL is notably the creator of the isosceles-shaped insulated bag with a flat bottom, the Inoval ® bag with an articulated handle and the Link’ool bag with sliding handles.


VALEMBAL shares values ​​of commitment and excellence with its customers, placing quality and transparency at the center of all its operations.

A preferred partner of the pharmaceutical, veterinary and bio-industries, from manufacturer to distributor, we develop tailor-made insulated packaging solutions according to your needs that preserve the integrity of your products during their transport.