Our history

The VALEMBAL company was created in 1979 in the Orléanaise region, with an activity focused on the flexible packaging sector, and more particularly in the manufacture of polyethylene bags intended for industrial use.

VALEMBAL developed and the company moved in 1984 to premises more suited to industrial activity.

In 1989, the company expanded into a new market: insulated bags and pouches for supermarkets, the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector (laboratories, distributors, etc.).

Taken over in 2020 by Guillaume De Fougières and Frédéric Gautier, the company doubles its turnover by purchasing the company Polyma (77) with the objective of positioning itself as a key player in the health sector in the clean packaging market. and ultra-clean.

VALEMBAL offers turnkey solutions thanks to an internal development team, but also with the help of expert partners in the pharmaceutical-medical packaging sector.

Actors in local and regional life, we deliver to our customers throughout the country and in around fifteen countries around the world.

Our evolution, articulated around the issues of sustainable growth and peaceful relationships, reflects our image: pragmatic, creative and united.


Creation of VALEMBAL


Construction of a 2300m² factory in St Cyr en Val and launch of the isothermal activity


Construction of the current 5600m² factory


Obtaining ISO9001 certification


Engagement dans une démarche RSE


Acquisition of the company by G.De Fougières and F.Gauthier


Merger with Polyma and consolidation of the two activities on the St Cyr en Val site.

Construction of a 240 m2 ISO7 clean room dedicated to the Pharma/Medical sector