At VALEMBAL, people come first!

Building a high-performance, committed and fulfilled team represents a permanent opportunity to reinvent yourself. Benefiting from the experience of creative and concerned collaborators allows us to look further and bigger…

We work every day to develop working conditions that guarantee the safety, well-being and development of our employees. Communication, reciprocal commitment, skills development and the promotion of the achievement of objectives help us to strengthen the links forged over many years with a loyal and passionate team.

In addition to promoting the necessary equality between men and women, we share with our team the values ​​that are our DNA: committed, supportive and professional, we move forward with our customers, our suppliers and all our partners to find the right balance in a caring ecosystem , respectful and fair.

Our driving force remains customer satisfaction, for which we are developing a global offer based on the supply of flexible packaging but also and above all on the guarantee of a tailor-made offer including service provision, adaptation to needs and constraints and the proactivity necessary for each environment.

Valembal - Equipe

Citizen role and local development

As a player in local development, VALEMBAL actively supports three local sports and cultural associations.

Our employees are also members, thus strengthening our bond with the community.



Valembal - Logo Musique et équilibre

Musique et Equilibre

Saint Pryvé Olivet Handball

Saint Pryvé Olivet Handball

Other actions of our company:

  • Support from local beekeepers (The apiary of Saint Cyr, 10 hives located 3.5 km from the company)
  • Active member of the Saussaye area business association (Saint Cyr en Val)
  • Welcoming trainees
  • Permanent contact with local authorities for the promotion of our activity, regular organization of company visits