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VALEMBAL offers you packaging solutions adapted to your requirements. Thanks to our expertise in the industrial sector, we guide you in the choice of materials, printing, formats and working environments (ISO7 clean room, gray room)

Our commitment to excellence guarantees tailor-made packaging that meets your expectations, whether to secure your packaging stages, preserve the integrity of your products, or guarantee their transport in complete integrity.

From design to completion, we support you, respecting the stages of your projects to offer you solutions in line with your expectations.

VALEMBAL offers tailor-made industrial packaging, perfectly suited to your specific constraints.

We guarantee the production of our products in a context where employee safety is preserved, by monitoring environmental constraints and ensuring compliance with good practices linked to our industrial activity.

Valembal - Sac

Flat bags, sleeves, sheets

Valembal - Sac

Bags with side gussets or bottom gussets

Valembal - Sac

Bags with macro or micro perforations

Valembal - Sac

Pre-cut covers in rolls

Valembal - Sac

Bundled bags

Valembal - Sac

Bags with offset edge and adhesive flap

Valembal - Sac

Films and sheaths in reels

Valembal - Pochette cabosse

Kraft/Alu/PE pouches

Customized products

We have a wide range of raw materials for manufacturing our packaging:

100% recyclable:

  • Low, medium, and high-density polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Complexes with barrier films PE/Evoh/PE
  • Bio-based polyethylene
  • Regenerated PCR (Post Consumer Recycling) or PIR (Post Industrial Recycling) polyethylene


Other materials

  • PE/PA/PE complex
  • Kraft/aluminum/PE
  • Polyester/PE complex


The quality of our raw materials adapts to your specific needs:

  • Food-grade
  • European Pharmacopoeia
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-static, anti-corrosion, anti-UV
  • Non-slip
  • Printing up to 10 colors


Available dimensions:

  • Width: 35mm to 1500mm + gussets
  • Length: 55mm to 3000mm
  • Thickness: 12 microns to 180 microns



  • Double-sided flexography up to 10 colors
Salle blanche - Valembal Isotherme

Aeronautical/electronics industry

A strategic partner of the electronics and aeronautics industries, VALEMBAL offers highly specialized packaging solutions produced in a clean environment (ISO 7 clean room) to meet the rigorous demands of these sectors. Our products adapted to sensitive materials provide optimal protection throughout the process and transport, thus preserving the integrity of critical components.

Whether for electronic components or mechanical products requiring low particle levels, our specific packaging and our own production conditions perfectly meet the varied needs of cutting-edge industries.


In order to meet the requirements related to food safety, Valembal applies rigorous processes which respect good practices in terms of hygiene, upstream/downstream traceability of raw materials and manufactured products.

Thus, all processed sheaths and films come from virgin raw materials certified “food grade” and thus guarantee the integrity of the packaged foods.

Valembal - Emballage alimentaires
Valembal Isotherme - Industrie Cosmétique


Because the cosmetics industry is aware that the added value of a packaged product is not reserved solely for its content, our customers give priority to the quality of packaging, whether to protect, forward its most beautiful settings or condition its magic formulas.

Supporting promotional campaigns, the printed polybag combines aesthetics, resistance and recyclability to enhance brands and their beauty products.


In an environment where organization, reactivity and optimization are paramount, Valembal offers innovative solutions for injected parts, mechanical and electronic components.

Our storage capacity and our logistical support allow “just in time” organization and guarantee you to prevent any disruption in the supply of packaging.

Our 100% recyclable “anti-scratch” bags adapt perfectly to the constraints of injected products (polycarbonate, ABS, polypropylene, etc.) and avoid scratches linked to the friction of traditional packaging on products during packaging and transport.

Valembal Isotherme - Industrie automobile