Latest innovation on the insulated market: the bag Link’ool®.

With its sliding links, it is great ease of use and transport.

Foldable, it can be stored in the morning in a handbag or bag for evening shopping.


  • Format 18L = L 430 x H 490 mm + bottom gusset 70 mm (x2)
  • Three superimposed layers:
    • White low density polyethylene outer layer 35 μ thick ( 50% recycled material)
    • Insulating closed cell polyethylene foam, thickness 0.8 mm
    • White low density polyethylene inner layer, food grade, thickness 25 μ
  • Handle: polyethylene sliding links
  • Custom printing high resolution flexography up to 10 colors
  • Admissible load 5kg

Other information

With excellent thermal properties, reusable, fully recyclable and twice lighter than a standard cooler bag, the Link’ool bag significantly reduces the environmental impact.