In addition to our specialized thermal bags, we offer a range of outstanding standard bags whose attractive designs bring freshness and color to your products. For quantities exceeding 500 bags (15 liter) or 10,000 bags (20 liter) the printing can be customized.


  • 15L format = W 390 x H 450 mm
  • 20L format = W 440 x H 500 mm
  • Three superimposed layers:
    • Outer layer of white, low density polyethylene (60 μ) (50% recycled material)
    • Closed-cell polyethylene foam insulation (0.8-1.5 mm)
    • Inner layer of white, low-density, food grade polyethylene (40 μ) (50% recycled material)
  • Rigid white polyethylene handle
  • The printing can be customized for quantities exceeding 500 bags (15 liter) or 10000 bags (20 liter)

Other information

For 40 years, Valembal has exploited its unique know-how to make life easier for consumers. Our attractive, reusable insulating bags provide exceptional thermal stability for their content.
Valembal product developments are guided by the evolution of consumption habits, and the need to reduce our environmental impact, notably by selecting recycled and recyclable materials.