Valembal thermal pouches prevent thermal shock during transportation of thermosensitive products, such as vaccines, eye drops and specific treatments, from the delivery location (pharmacy, hospital, laboratory, etc.) to the place of use. The inclusion of a gel pack pre-cooled to between +2°c and +8°c enhances the performance of the pouch. An inner separator film prevents direct contact between the product and the gel, thus avoiding any thermal shock. A customized pouch is an excellent medium for advertising or explaining the importance of respecting the cold chain.


  • Size: width 120-350 mm, height 170-450 mm
  • Three superimposed layers:
    • Outer layer of neutral polyester (12 µ) + low-density polyethylene (40 µ)
    • Closed-cell polyethylene foam insulation (0.8-1.5 mm)
    • Inner layer and separator of low-density, food-grade polyethylene (30 µ)
  • Zip or self-gripping closure
  • Customized front/back high-resolution flexographic printing in up to 10 colors

Other information

Insert the product into the pouch on one side of the separator and then place the gel pack, previously refrigerated to between +2°c and +8°c in the other compartment. After delivery the product is transferred from the pouch to refrigerated storage.