The Inoval® thermal bag is one of Valembal’s most successful innovations. As an excellent alternative to custom bags, we offer standard bags that bring freshness and color to your products. The printing on both the 25 and 34 liter versions can be customized for quantities exceeding 10 000 bags.


  • 25 liter format: width 490 mm, height 490 mm + bottom bellows 80 mm (x2)
  • 34 liter format: width 530 mm, height 470 mm + bottom bellows 100 mm (x2)
  • Three superimposed layers:
    • Outer layer of white, low-density polyethylene (60 μ) (50% recycled material)
    • Closed-cell polyethylene foam insulation (0.8-1.5 mm)
    • Inner layer of low-density, food-grade polyethylene (40 µ) (50% recycled material)
  • Rigid white polyethylene handle
  • Customized front/back high-resolution flexographic printing in up to 10 colors

Other information

  • The 25 litre bags are customisable for minimum quantities of 40,000 bags.
  • Hermetic for exceptional thermal performance: respect of the cold chain is guaranteed.
  • Stable: the base of the bag provides stability.