Environment and corporate societal responsibility

Respect de l'environnement chez Valembal


Valembal has always been committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. We have set up a system to recycle 100% of our production waste and we are constantly on the lookout for simple actions to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • we study with customers the possibility of using thinner materials,
  • we promote “recycled polyethylene” as an alternative,
  • we have developed a biodegradable product range,
  • we have reduced our use of stretch film by 25%,
  • we now optimize our energy consumption (closed-circuit water network, controlled air compression, etc.),
  • zero use of pesticides in our green spaces,
  • staff car-pooling system.

Enterprise Social Responsibility

In early 2016, Valembal committed itself to an Enterprise Social Responsibility policy as a means of contributing to our community’s sustainable social and economic development goals.The Loiret Nature Environnement association assisted us in this project. In conformance with the ISO 26000 social responsibility guidance standard, it then conducted an audit of our activities, focusing on seven essential issues:


  • enterprise governance,
  • working relations and conditions,
  • respect of human rights,
  • consumer protection,
  • ethical business practice,
  • contributions to local development,
  • environmental protection.

Following this assessment, Valembal is confident that its practices and business conduct based on moral responsibility conform to current societal norms and will continue to do so.